Platinum Jubilee Logo

Digital Version of GU Logo


The logo is made with a Möbius twist and and the interweaved number 75. A Möbius strip (which is a closed curve), also spelled Mobius or Moebius, is a surface with only one side (when embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space) and only one boundary curve but it exists in 3D (three dimensions). The Möbius strip is the simplest non-orientable surface. Its discovery is attributed independently to the German mathematicians Johann Benedict Listing and August Ferdinand Möbius in 1858 (from Wikipedia).

The Möbius twist signifies the three dimensions of an institution of higher education - Teaching, Research, and Extension - all blended into one entity that is Gauhati University. However, the open end of the strip signifies the open view of the university and as it is ready to embrace new ideas for the greater development of the society and in particular, it signifies our continuous strive toward excellence. The fading end of the open end signifies how we blend into the society and make ourselves an integral part of the academia.

The Möbius twist also siginfies our effort to adopt and blend technology into our academic programmes as we build our future with the help advances in science & technology encompassing the whole arena of academic disciplines including arts & humnities, science & technology, and commerce & management.

The number 75 of course signifies the 75 years of our service to the nation and the Platinum Jubilee celebration.

© The copyright of the Platinum Jubilee Logo belongs to Gauhati University. All members of the GU community are free to use this logo. However, it is prohibited to distort the logo or to use it in a maner which is derogatory.